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Here. We. Go...!!!

Pic: Scott Gummerson/Unsplash

Normality. We used to think we knew what that was. Things had reason, and rhyme and plans were made routinely. My, it’s been a while! A while since we’ve been able to book flights. To go for a meal. To simply live as we were once accustomed. But as vaccines have been administered we have seen a relaxation of many of the restrictions which have been in place for the best part of two years. Here in Ireland we have enjoyed a tentative return to retail, travel and the reopening of the hospitality industry. And in broader terms there are signs of normality, also. Such as in the sports, and dare we say, entertainment sectors. Take for instance, the European soccer leagues. Yes, they’re back, with proper scheduling and people interested are in thrall. The trading of players in the transfer window has just closed and all eyes were on social media, and in particular the twitter account of one Fabrizio Romano. Romano is an Italian journalist in whom the football players, agents and clubs of Europe, and beyond, have placed their trust to break the news of a newly struck deals. He even has a catch phrase, Here. We. Go… It is with this catch phrase that the stake holders involved announce to the world their new deal, and all their future hopes and wishes with it. Their hopes are for the beginning of a new era whereby their coming together points towards a more successful future.

This past week, Colm has had phone calls and texts of his own. Music is allowed indoors in Ireland once again. Once again we can maybe not dance, but at least tap our feet and sing along. Once again Colm, and many musicians like him will have to opportunity to do what it is makes them feel most alive after living in the doldrums of silence for nearly two years. The Hot Touches too are making plans. Something close to normality, again! Tentative, yes. Paired back, sure. Cautious, of course. But for now; Here. We. Go…!!!

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