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Moving Day

June! Some might call it a moving month. Like the penultimate day in a golf tournament known as moving day, when all the big hitters begin to get serious and get themselves into contention on the leader-board for the final round. If Spring is a season of rebirth, regrowth and thawing out, then Summer reaps its rewards and blooms into the fullest of life. Summer begins in June. Colm and the Hot Touches team kicked off promotion with Preacher’s Daughter this year in May, but it’s fruits began bearing in June. With this in mind, we decided a recap of some features, reviews and interviews was appropriate.

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Hey Colm, how are you? “Good thanks.” Well, it’s another summer without gigs but you’ve been managing to keep busy nonetheless. “I have. As soon as May came we got back on the promotion trail and started trying to get our music out there again and thankfully it’s been going well.” You decided to focus on Preacher’s Daughter first, was there any particular reason for that? “It seems to be a song that people like. It gets the most comments out of any so far, so I guess we went with what the market research told us, ha ha.” That market research was extensive, I gather? “Oh, yeah! Cousins, friends, aunts and the mother; it’s her favourite song off the album so it had to be the best!” Of course! So the promotional season has been good so far? “It has.” For this Month’s Blog I was thinking we might do a recap of some of the features Preacher’s Daughter was included in. “Sounds good, but there’s one from May, too I’d like to add!” I’m sure we’ll be allowed that. “Just this once.” Exactly!

For starters we might mention some of the Radio Stations which gave Preacher’s Daughter a spin. “Good idea, yeah. It was pretty spread out around the place, really. Mexico, USA, UK, Canada, EU.” Wow, so the promotional wheel has been in full spin lately? “Yeah, as my mother says, ‘a dumb priest never got a parish.’ Words of wisdom, then? “Yeah, ha ha.” We might list some of the stations so, how good is your memory? “Alright, but the iphone is better! So, from the U.S. we got a spin on Lonely Oak Radio, Code Zero Radio, we were featured on Todd McCarthy’s Start Me Up Playlist on Spotify and we were also featured on Keep Rock Alive’s clip of the day on Twitter. The K-Dawg's Show on ISX in Alberta Canada and in the U.K. we were played by Indie Rock’s Rich on the Radio. Rich wrote us a lovely intro, actually and he’s a great guy. We were also on Rock Connection 77 from Mexico City. From the Netherlands we featured on Cool Top 20s Indie Guitar Vibes Playlist on Spotify, also.” And all of these platforms feature independent music? “They do. It’s a very strong community and they do it ‘cause they like it. It’s all voluntary and everyone is very supportive. I’ve really enjoyed reaching out and getting involved and feel just so appreciative that they’ve all featured our music. It’s a great feeling to be honest and the thought that even more people will get to hear our music is thrilling.” All about the exposure. “Yeah. It’s been amazing!”

You’ve also been reviewed and you yourself were interviewed! “I was.” We might start with the review. “Yeah. I was really happy when I was informed that we’d be included in Indie Buddie’s Quick Pick in late May. First off the site is Irish and secondly it really is a great resource for new and independent music.” How did it feel reading words about your music? “Strange, ha ha.” Even though they were complimentary? “Yeah, I guess we're not used to reading about ourselves, and I was really very happy to have been featured on Indie Buddie. Probably didn't expect it"


Words from Danu Doyle at Indie Buddie on Preacher’s Daughter;

“Track: Preacher’s Daughter

Why We Like It: The band take their passionate songwriting and spread it over a powerful and evocative backdrop. With warm guitars jangling through steady rhythms and soft keys, the song has a glowing sun-kissed atmosphere with a rock undertone. Boasting an upbeat tempo, smooth, dreamy melody and emotive rasped vocals, this expression of youth, love and freedom is a sublime example of the compelling musicianship of Colm O’Mahony & The Hot Touches. ‘Preacher’s Daughter’ is a joy to listen to.”

You also submitted a video for Indie Buddie’s sessions. “We did. Myself and Jackie did a three song set for their website. Just great again for exposure and just to get to play. Danu really makes you feel good about what you’re doing and has a real interest in music. It’s people like that who will ensure that the indie music scene in Ireland remains strong. We’re lucky to have Danu and Indie Buddie, we really are.”

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And you were interviewed? “I was and I definitely didn’t expect that but it happened’ ha ha.” Tell us a little more about it. “Well, it was on The Balcony Show which is headed by a nice lady named Ann Thatcher. Again, it’s a voluntarily run show focusing on indie music with a fun dynamic between Ann and the other presenters, Mark MADCAT Capone, Bo Sommer and Donna Gallucci. I was most excited because they’re based in Philadelphia and Philly is renowned as a music city, especially rock ‘n’ roll, so I was really chuffed about that. “How did the interview go? “Well the folks from the Show were good fun and really nice but I was just pre-occupied with trying not to make a fool of myself! Thankfully they guided me through it and I felt very comfortable.” Have you listened back? “I forced myself to. I hate listening to myself talking on a recording. I won’t lie it wasn’t easy to listen to myself for that long, ha ha.” But such a great opportunity? “And experience, yeah. Besides the interview, It’s just a great show and one of the premier destinations for indie music in the U.S so I’m still kinda buzzing after being asked to have a chat with the guys. It was a blast!”

Listen to Colm’s interview:

Colm assures us the promotion will continue unabated as The Hot Touches vie to have their music heard by as many people as possible. If July was moving day, perhaps the remaining months of summer will see the band ascend to the top of the leader-board for a climatic final round!

Kind words for the Preacher’s Daughter by Richard Isles of Indie Rocks Radio UK;

"The Preacher's Daughter is about looking back on past love. Whether it was the singers first or just a whirlwind romance that swept them off their feet it is definitely a heartfelt tale about thinking of the one that got away. They say when it comes to relationships that the first cut is the deepest and some of these romances leave us with scars but from time to time it's possible to view a moment in life and think, hey, maybe it didn't work out but hat a wonderful experience that was. It's a beautiful song and brought a tear to my eye writing about it this week, who knows maybe I'm just getting soft in my old age or it could just be due to the excess flesh around my waist. It's a great tune and is available everywhere now."

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